Cosmetic Medicine

Whitfords cosmetic medicine offers injectable wrinkle treatments and fillers, administered by highly trained GPs.

Everybody deserves to look their most vibrant, refreshed and rejuvenated. Whitfords Avenue Medical Centre Cosmetic Services safely assists clients look their natural best by providing injectable anti-wrinkle treatments and facial fillers from the convenience and safety of a medical centre at the hands of experienced medical practitioners.

At Whitfords Avenue Medical Group Cosmetic Services, we specialise in wrinkle relaxers and facial fillers, have fantastic rates and plenty of satisfied clients.

Dr Russell Bock and Dr Steve Jarvis are experienced medical practitioners who have each been at the Whitfords Avenue Medical Centre for over 20 years. They have undertaken extensive training in medical anti-wrinkle injection treatment procedures with strong interests in both the aesthetic and clinical applications. Dr Bock has also completed advanced training in wrinkle facial filler treatments for the face and lips. He also has further qualifications in the field of skin cancer medicine

For more information about Dr Bock and Dr Jarvis please visit the Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine Website.



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